15th May 2020 What cannabis or weed can help ?

What cannabis or weed can help ?

As part of our endocannabinoid system (our body’s natural cannabis system), there are two prominent receptors, CB1 and CB2, that are activated by cannabinoids. Dr. Mitch Early wine, a psychology professor at SUNY Albany and author for High Times, notes that the “CB1 receptor seems to be involved in improved tactile sensations and general euphoria,” which would explain from a scientific perspective why cannabis may heighten sexual euphoria while lowering inhibitions.

Moreover, many cannabis users report that because weed helps them lower inhibitions and boost creativity, they’re much more likely to try out different sexual activities that they may have been too shy about when they haven’t used weed.

Cannabis Increases Sensuality and Fosters Intimacy

Cannabis, of course, makes you more relaxed and less anxious. Simply by reducing anxiety around sex (or even body image insecurities), many “cannathuisasts” report weed allows them to be more intimate and sensual with their partner. Weed can, in fact, foster intimacy between partners, as suggested in a study published by Current Sexual Health Reports.

Weed Can Help Women Achieve an Orgasm (Or Orgasms)

Unbeknownst to most people, cannabis and the female libido are closely associated. For millennia up until the near-universal prohibition of cannabis, weed was not only prescribed for chronic and acute medical conditions, it was prescribed as an aphrodisiac (especially for women).

As women get older, they often have a decline in sex drive and for some women, they may experience pain or discomfort whilst having sex. Many women claim cannabis not only enhances sex but eliminates discomfort.

Moreover, because cannabis enhances the senses and lowers inhibitions, many women find cannabis helps them achieve orgasm, often more often with greater intensity.

Pot Strengthens the Emotional Bond Between Partners

As cannabis lowers inhibitions and boosts intimacy, it makes it easier for partners to relax, chill out, and communicate with each other, strengthening their emotional bond. Also, because weed can intensify sex and orgasms, couples often report they feel a greater emotional bond after weed-infused sex.

“Cannabis allows you to connect with other people, but from a place of acute awareness. It doesn’t allow you to lie to yourself in a sense,” said Dr. Nick Karras, a sexologist and couples coach. “Instead it allows you to be much more sensual

Cannabis Enhances Sex

Newsflash! Cannabis enhances sex. Well, of course, it does. Psychology Today published findings from an informal study in which two-thirds of respondents claimed definitively that cannabis enhances their sex lives. Only 12% reported cannabis as having an adverse effect on their sex lives, often attributing it to weed making them want to withdraw to themselves (so combining weed and sex may not be great for those types of users).

Even more interesting were some of the respondents’ feedback:

“I’m not a frequent smoker, but when I have smoked and then had sex, it’s been the most amazing sex of my life.”

“Marijuana engulfs me in sex foam. I’m just pure sex on that stuff. It’s great. I could never feel that way sober or drunk.”

“After smoking, I can feel my nipples perk up, clitoris tingle, and vagina become wet to the point that I can feel it through my pants and my man knows he is in for a LONG night.”

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