Sour Diesel


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Strain Name: Sour Diesel
Grade: A
Type: 90 sativa, 10 indica
Looks: Light green with a lot of orange hairs (10/10)
Smell: Citrus, kinda tangy gas (9/10)
Taste: Complex but smooth (10/10)
Effects: Creeps up and hits you, making you feel very light. Mostly a head head high and very happy. (10/10)
Potency: Super Strong 2-3 hours (10/10)

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4 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. peterson

    “Wonderful “wakeup weed”….Ten times better than coffee and puts you in a ridiculously good mood. Starts the day off right! it’s pretty much everything I look for in a Sativa.”

  2. julues

    Simply love this strain. The sour/sweet plus Diesel taste, I thought I would hate it. Quite the contrary. The sour and sweet is dominant in your mouth. But it smell a lot like gasoline or diesel fuel when unlit. Still a discreet smell when you walk near a busy street with a lot of cars. Gives you a great mental uplifting full of happiness and joy since your problems vanished for the moment you’re high. I will definitely buy more of this girl because right now I feel empowered because of it!!!

  3. bilank

    Sour D has been one of my favorite strains since I first began smoking. Because of that, it is literally my model for a good sativa, with a quality of high that truly sets the standard. The bud is predominantly light green, with some light brown hairs visible. Its scent reminds me of sappy wood. The smoke was very smooth- I was able to singlehandedly roach the entire joint to nothing without a single cough (possibly due to the craftsmanship of the particular grower). The strain leaves me clear-headed, giggly, and awestruck, almost reminding me of the onset from stronger psychedelics. Aside from a slight tremor of the body, the effects are 100% mental. This is the only strain that has ever given me true closed eye visuals and full blown mental imagery. I felt almost disconnected from my body, and my pain was very well managed. I suggest this for: Pain, depression, or spiritual use. I can’t recommend it to lightweights, or for multitasking, as it can often result in a “+++” experience. Don’t drive.

  4. oprol evorter

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