Grape Ape


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Strain Name: Grape Ape
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid- Sativa dominant 60/40.
Looks: Purple strains here and there, dark red hairs, and nice light green all around.
Smell: The purple adds a sweet smell to the strong cat piss aroma that hits you as soon as it’s broken down.
Taste: Sweet, with a skunky after taste.
Effects: Heavy behind the eyes!! Very giggly after about 20 mins. Very Stoney high but still able to do everyday tasks. Effects last about 2 hours for an experienced smoker.
Potency: High. Perfect wake n bake!!

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7 reviews for Grape Ape

  1. Vue

    Grape Ape, What a primate it is. The Ga I grinded and smoked was top shelf. It was grown, flushed, dried and trimmed properly. The smell was so beautifully filled with berry and grape tones. The smoke out of my bubbler was so incredibly smooth and tasty that I didn’t want to stop. Ga is a creeper for me as the effects take about 5-10 minutes. Then, incredible head relaxation comes in and then 5 minutes later it makes it’s way to my body. It is Excellent nighttime medication as I only use Indicas to sleep and repair my body. Ga is great for people who need to relax after a stressful day or for people that suffer from Insomnia like myself. In my opinion it is a 75% Indica so for those with anxiety issues while smoking cannabis this strain will NOT make you paranoid what so ever. Use with caution as taking to much can put you down quickly. I’m saying this as I am a heavy nighttime Indica user. Ga will not disappoint anyone so long as the medicine is of high quality.

  2. Linking

    Smells like a grape jolly rancher – feels like you’re an 800 pound gorilla. I never imagined knowing what that felt like but for some reason I just felt really big. My hand didn’t look bigger but it certainly felt huge. I’m a seasoned smoker (vaporizer) and have never felt anything quite like it. Obviously gives you some couch lock which is great for streaming Netflix and going to sleep.”

  3. Hiere

    As someone that suffers from severe anxiety this strains was awesome. It’s very very sedating and relaxing but you can easily concentrate. The taste was shitty but the actual high was really nice , music sounded great and I slept like a baby with no panic. “

  4. Dinna

    If you have a lot of pain sleeping disorders and not to mention a lot of piper miles or grape ape is one of the fantastic strains that you can get it. It has relaxing power that has more so done better for me than most of the strains I is me a nice calming relaxing feeling another being overpowered grape ape is great for getting things done and as well as for relaxing and getting into the sleep gape Ape is wonderful if you have pain issues when you work out. It is one of the most tasty strains I’ve ever had it tastes a lot like grape and has a lemon scent to it..I highly recommend this for a cannabis connoisseurs and for those willing to try a medium pain reliever.

  5. Cuio

    I happened upon grape ape during a month long panic attack that was relentless. The only anxiety relief and the only time I could eat more than half a cracker was when I smoked the grape ape. After three hits I could feel a wave wash over me. When you are in a dark anxiety/ depression induced place and get any form of instant relief, it’s a god send. Better than Xanax. Perfect anxiety drug. “

  6. Bies

    What a brilliant strain. With my experience, the fun starts around 30 seconds into my initial intake. Then I would sink. But loved getting up and walking around, no dizziness, everything was just kind of fun. Finally I go back to the couch and have, what I considered at the time, “deep thoughts”. “I should go get my journal and write all of this down” I thought. Then the logic side of my brain just says “dude, you’re just high, nothing you are thinking right now would be anywhere near comprehensible in the morning.” But I did anyway. I am reading it right now, and I have to say, high-logic-me is 100% right. These words have no meaning.

  7. oprolevorter

    There is obviously a bunch to know about this. I feel you made some nice points in features also.

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