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Traits: body buzz, citrus smell, G13, Good For ADD, Good For Anxiety, Good For Body Aches, Good For Chronic Pain, Good For Joint Pain, Good For Muscle Aches, Good For Pain Relief, Good For Relaxing, Good For Stress, Indica, light green, orange hairs, orange smell, smooth taste, sweet taste, uplifting, Very Potent, Washington Medical Marijuana
Strain Name: G-13
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Looks: Many different shades of green, but mostly a light sage color with lots of orange hairs. Rock-like density.
Smell: Mandarin oranges.
Taste: Sweet, smooth smoke.
Effects: Secretly developed by the U.S. government from seeds obtained in the Roswell UFO crash with a lab-tested 37 THC content…or something like that, according to urban legend. Actually, this is some kind of potent Afghan indica that has both strong mind and body effects. Relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Definitely a high caliber strain, but probably not quite up to the hype.
Potency: High

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29 reviews for G 13

  1. Henri

    Absolutely brilliant strain, elevated to a new level of bliss and euphoria. Great for a stroll in the afternoon sun along the water. Highly recommend vaping, as it helped keep you energized enough to not pass out. My memories of the experience are limited, however I momentarily answered the meaning of life and have since forgotten my revelation. Oh well. Worth it.”

  2. Verber

    Dense dark goodies inside, autumn looking harvest exterior, pinecone looking pointy tit delight Ye Dwarfs inside hide gems of all colors and sizes Aroma is fruity like Fruity Pebbles cereal aka Rod Smith cereal (because he loves F.P. who doesn’t?) Inhale is pleasant and exhale is mild High is very Hybridy but on the dumb side Alert but drugged Could “Smerk a berwl” of this 24/7 This Strain is best utili…”

  3. Dibrille

    Starts with a very subtle sensation; a mild drop in inhibition is followed by, a seductive urge to hit again. After you fall for her sublime invitation her incapacitating venom slowly courses through your veins creeping and saturated your synapses, slowly paralyzing them from accepting any impulses contrary to her agenda of slowly inducing a synaptical orgasm and then totally incapacitating your faculties, as you lay wondering if she’s emptying your wallet before parting ways.

  4. falcatyo

    This stuff is spectacular!!! I cleaned a toilet and it didn’t bother me at all (which is a freakin miracle, quite franky), I’m singing to my dogs, and pretty soon I’m going to need a sandwich. It has made me a touch paranoid. Only a little, though. It took me a few minutes to figure out it was the washing machine making noise in the kitchen and not a serial killer…see? only a little paranoid. It went away once I remembered I was doing laundry.

  5. MVON

    “Very potent indica. Feel the effects immediately after exhale. Very relaxing but make sure to grab food and drink before you sit down.”

  6. Brene

    Great for being functional and helps with ADHD symptoms, though, granted, I trade ADHD symptoms for the ‘fun house’ side effects of getting high. I have only used G-13 a few times, and it seems to help relieve this pressure I feel in my brain (I know it sounds like I’m high in saying I feel my Pre-Frontal Cortex building in pressure/activity but it makes sense with my ADHD and anxiety)”

  7. Yeniver


  8. AS.

    “Easily one of my favorite Indicas. Good for pain and stress. Reliable. Often crossed with other strains.”

  9. Ueure

    “I just packed the bong twice thinking that it was gonna be a normal ass night but nah it’s 6:26 pm and I don’t even remember putting these pajamas on”

  10. Quitta

    G-13. Get around it, great strain. Enjoy being energized at the beggining but also kickback after an hour a half and chill before sleeping. I smoke a small jay 3hrs before bed. Perfect for me”

  11. UIOKO

    “Takes all the stress away”

  12. Friver

    Versatile strain when wanting that extra strong pain and stress relieve by itself or, as I have found, mixed with other strains. I like to mix with a High-CBD strain (IMC-Blue Suede Shoes) to get the immediate pain and stress relief without feeling stoned or much affected. It also works well with evening/night strains (IMC – Mr Nice, GG4 or Skywalker) to intensify their sleep-inducing effects. I find that a small bowl of G13 a couple of hours before bedtime followed by a small bowl of G-13 and GG4 at bedtime helps a beat up 65 year get off to a restful sleep without any other sleep aids. G-13 is my constant and I rotate strains to keep it fresh to me.

  13. Treppy

    “Truly unlike anything I had experienced previously. The buzz seemingly never subsided and there was no cloudy feeling after a long session. Very relaxing, almost body numbing but not overwhelming, enough to enjoy yourself and forget about any aches or pains. Melts stress away.”

  14. Jenny Fj.

    I reviewed this strain a week ago and had a very different experience with it this time. I am currently under it’s effects as I write this. To sum it up in one word: WOW!! Normally I’ve been using the G13 with my vaporizer (temperature set at 380 F), and it came across as very ‘for-medical-use-only’ to me — pain-free, anxiety-free, no strong ‘buzz’ in the head. Well, just a bit ago I decided to smoke this in my water pipe. I put in the same amount I would normally vape. 2 minutes later, BAM!, big friggin’ gong to the head and getting higher each minute. 20 minutes in and I’m baked as all hell. F—! I wasn’t prepared for this. Had stuff to do, but that’s gonna have to wait now. Very loud thoughts. Easily Distracted. Lazy. Sleepy. Took half an hour to write this. Will definitely sleep very, very well tonight :).

  15. miredert

    “This strain provides the user with a great clear high. It produces a nice even body stone with a rumbling of energy. When smoked, it leaves a lasting feeling of supreme satisfaction. Great for late night escapades that doesn’t require too much work.”

  16. Losia

    One of my all-time favorites. Great for pain, appetite, relaxation, and stress. It’s even a little psychedelic in a great way. Very few negatives, may make you a tired if you have enough. Highly recommend trying this one if the government lets you :)”

  17. Poupo

    I tried this strain for the first time last night, and the best way to describe it is to simply explain the immediate two hours after smoking it. I drove to Taco Bell and downed a huge burrito after not having an appetite all day. I relaxed in bed comfortably and laughed while watching television (I normally have too much pain to get comfortable), then I passed out and slept like a baby for 8 hours. Usually, I can’t sleep more than two hours at a time. In conclusion, Taco Bell, relax, laugh, sleep. If you’re looking for something similar, I highly recommend.

  18. kylian MK.

    “Highly satisfied customer. Purchased some earlier today and can already say it is one of my favorites so far. Definitely made me re-question the “myths” I’ve heard about it. Relieved stress completely (just in time for exams) and placed me in a glorious mood. Would 100% recommend to anyone out there attempting to lighten their day. Stay out there, friends. -Ganjier”

  19. Joien

    Absolutely brilliant strain, elevated to a new level of bliss and euphoria. Great for a stroll in the afternoon sun along the water. Highly recommend vaping, as it helped keep you energized enough to not pass out. My memories of the experience are limited, however I momentarily answered the meaning of life and have since forgotten my revelation. Oh well. Worth it.”

  20. HUNE

    Started off with Amnesia , then a little OG kush, and all in all we’ve smoked about 20 types of strong weed. The last one on my list was the G13. After 2 days of heavy sativa smoking+truffles and other smart shop snorting. We had to leave for the airport. That’s when i tried the G13. I made 2 joints out of one gram and for my surprise we really felt it. Positive, relaxing, body high, it put a smile on our face instantainiously. Based on the fact that our tolerance was through the roof, i think G13 was the strongest strain i’ve smoked. Definetly would try it again after a couple of days of fasting to feel really what this strain has to offer.

  21. Gisou

    G13 is fucking amazing weed. Apparently, the G stands for Government and the number 13 stands for the 13th letter of the alphabet. M stood for Marijuana. The government was testing all different kinds of strains before it was illegal. Eventually, in order for the government to understand what was the worst affect of marijuana, (there is none because weed is only harmful to the lungs and slightly on the brain) but the government decided to get all the best strains of pot in the world and breed to make the king of all strains. Then the government had people tested on it and the only affect was being awesome! People need to understand that weed doesn’t slow you down, The actual human being slows itself down. The gov. made pot illegal because it changed the way of thinking and also slight change of behavior.

  22. Ricadou

    “A weird little indica. I always expect a strong body high with whatever indica strain I try. But rarely does one inject any energy. G13 still delivers, quite well, to the indica traits, but I also get a burst of energy too. Not really sociable, but definitely happy and energetic; as much as an indica can be.”

  23. Clois F.

    I picked this nice little strain up from bloom the other day, went home and smoked a bowl of it after some Durban Poison. Right now, I’m currently only on G13, so it’s unbiased, but both smoke sessions shared effects. One more thing, I smoked this out of a 2.5 ft AMG bong with a honeycomb perc, 6 arm perc, and a honeycomb filtered bowlpiece. Right away I notice: Eyes drying out Mouth drying out Tingly Sensation Strong Euphoria After my first bowl, I felt: Couch locked Forgetful Slightly sleepy After my second bowl, which is where I have stopped right now, I feel: Numb Hungry Euphoric Peaceful in general It’s definitely a good strain to relax to. I find it hard to smoke this and then go to work, but some of you may not. Try it and evaluate for yourself. I feel groovy on this particular strain; it brings back memories of good times. I HIGHly recommend.

  24. Fregoular


  25. James Tylor

    G13 what a strain. I smoked it for the first time yesterday with 2 buddies. Furthermore one of us sufferers from severe insomnia & this strain knocked him the FUCK out. Something most strains cannot manage. The. Smell was wonderful it has to be one of my all time favorite aromas”

  26. Bilalary

    This was an amazing strain. Should repeat if ever possible. I feel very energized while on this. But i also end up thinking really deep and in a zone. As I write this I am high on some of this stuff. If you are reading this my friend, I suggest you get your hands on some. Wonderful bud.”

  27. miloner

    Squinted eyes, relaxed, yet not couchlocked, very talkative, and very medicinal. All of the effects I love without the negatives. No racy paranoia or anxiety. Some seasoned OG/Diesel tokers might be a little disappointed with the potency, but it is definitely a strong strain. Just takes a bit more to get you there. It also lacks a bit in the taste dept if you are a fan of the piney citrus strains, but I’m no flavor connoisseur. It’s the effect I go for and this strain nails it. It has a permanent place in my garden.

  28. venom

    “Great Indica strain. Grade: A Smell: little fruity / strong smell Taste: great / strong smoke Effects: Medium couch lock. Clean head and mind. Great for listening music. Mildly positive vibes. Good for watching films.”

  29. oprolevorter

    Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and help others like you helped me.


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