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Not surprisingly, Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam staple, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 20:80 sativa/indica ratio. The strain’s limited sativa genetics produce a near-instant head rush, followed by a numbing body high somewhere short of couch-lock. Dutch Treat has THC levels reaching 18-25 so it’s strong but not aggressively so. It smells like eucalyptus and has a sweet, earthy pine flavor. The head high is intensely euphoric and upbeat, while the body high is deeply relaxed. Dutch Treat works well on anxiety and pain, and it’s also helpful with insomnia. This strain is recommended for ADHD, PTSD, migraines, and arthritis. Adverse effects include dry mouth and red eyes. Outside Holland, Dutch Treat is most popular in the Pacific Northwest and the Southwest United States. It’s a descendant of Northern Lights, a famed indica; skunk, a potent hybrid; and Haze, one of the most popular sativas of all time. That mixed but esteemed heritage makes Dutch Treat a fun, effective treatment for both mental and physical suffering.

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Dutch Treat haze strain

Not surprisingly, Dutch Treat is an Amsterdam staple, an indica-dominant hybrid with a 20:80 sativa/indica ratio. The strain’s limited sativa genetics produce a near-instant head rush, followed by a numbing body high somewhere short of couch-lock. Dutch Treat has THC levels reaching 18.Dutch Treat haze strain

About Dutch Treat

Dutch treat” — the common practice of splitting a bill after a date isn’t nearly as fun as the cannabis strain of the same name.

With minimal CBD around 1% and THC between 15-30%, this is a potent strain that offers some physical benefits alongside its psychoactivity.

A good option for nighttime socializing or introspection, Dutch Treat’s potency earned it 3rd Best Sativa in the 2012 Southern California Cannabis Cup.

There is no clear provenance on the lineage of Dutch Treat. However, many sources point to Jordan of the Islands, an experienced breeder from Vancouver Island, as the point of origin. Jordan of the Islands grows several staple strains as well as innovative crossbreeds that retail at dispensaries throughout the Vancouver area.

Popular staple strains Northern Lights (another heavy indica with an earthy flavor profile) and Haze (a bold sativa with similarly wispy buds) have been suggested as parents of Dutch Treat, but without advanced genetic testing, we can’t know for sure how Dutch Treat came to be.

Despite its mysterious genetics, Dutch Treat has a clear “bag appeal’ that has made it attractive for innovative crossbreeding. One phenotype of the strain, Dutch Treat #5, has been used to create several other popular strains: combined with a Hawaiian sativa landrace, it’s yielded High Definition; combined with Super Silver Haze, it has produced Dutch Treat Haze; and when crossed with Electric Haze, it’s given us Electric Treat.

The leaves themselves are a dark green with golden and yellow pistils underneath a thick coating of trichomes. Because of their high resin content and loose bud structure, buds of Dutch Treat may prove difficult to break apart for a pipe.

The aroma of this strain, while pleasant, isn’t particularly memorable or pungent. Cured buds have a muted woodsy smell of cedar and pine accented by some nonspecific citrus sweetness. The smoke is surprisingly smooth and has the taste of herbs and more pine.Dutch Treat haze strain

Why choose Dutch Treat

For consumers who would rather not handle implements like joints, pipes, or vaporizers, cannabis company Bhang produces a packaged vape pen loaded with 25% THC Dutch Treat concentrate oil. Even when vaped, this strain retains its distinctly herbal and earthy taste and smell.

This strain hits the user quickly, with a euphoric head rush. Rather than cerebral stimulation, Dutch Treat brings emotional uplift that lends itself to sociability and some talkativeness. The head high soon gives way to a wash of physical relaxation. Those same initial cerebral effects might skew towards laziness or sleepiness as the high progresses. Users may experience some lethargy and, with higher doses, intractable couchlock.

Common negative side effects include red, dry eyes and persistent dry mouth. Dutch Treat’s slowly creeping body high makes it better suited to nighttime use. Consuming a small amount will go a long way – users have described the high as lasting up to two hours.

If grown outside in a warm, temperate climate, though, Dutch Treat can climb much higher; as plants shoot up, growers may need to use stakes to keep branches standing upright before they begin to flower. If growing outdoors, cultivators should plan on keeping plants in a climate that doesn’t waver beyond the ideal range of 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dutch Treat has a higher than average yield.

If grown successfully under ideal conditions, each plant can yield between 4 and 8 ounces of flower. Dutch Treat flowers within 6 to 8 weeks when cultivated indoors and as early as late September when grown outdoors.

Dutch Treat haze strain

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28 reviews for Dutch Treat

  1. nueri

    “This makes me want a huge cup of green tea while sitting on my balcony watching the pine forest that embraces me. The strain just suits on the scene: a sweet minty evergreen pine forest and wild berries. A single bowl takes me really high.”

  2. uzeus

    Definitely one of the most flavorful strains I’ve come across, with earthy plant taste from the inhale lingering after the exhale. The nugs are smallish, covered in reddish hairs, and a dark green underneath; Definitely Indica-heavy. Great for relieving stress, and just mellowing out watching TV or doing some light-intensity activity. Might be too lazy for super active stuff. The buzz is short-lived, and I couldn’t imagine it ever really overwhelming you with intensity, which could leave some heavy smokers looking for more. Overall, an awesome strain most notable for the awesome flavor and smooth smoke.

  3. drier

    This strain completely surprise me as well as other close friends of mine. I tried some, not really knowing much about it so I didn’t expect much; the effects came on subtly and gradually until I felt very at ease, comfortable and relaxed. Most strains leave me feeling lazy and mute. DT contributed to neither and provided the right amount of relaxation with openness to be social with others. It also does wonders for pain and seizures. A very good PMS strain for when you get pain and anxiety.

  4. bred

    It is odd that a strain so low in CDB’s has such a nice body high. This hybrid seems to send out two “ropes” to ensnare your senses. The first one wraps around your spine and relaxes it and everything connected to it. I go from sitting like a lady on the sofa to being a puddle spread out across many levels and stretching. The second rope seems to stimulate my sense of adventure. Yes, I’m happy to have a solo head adventure OR with very little prompting, my husband can get me off the sofa and we will do something special, like finally go to a restaurant we’ve been wanting to go to for a decade. Hubbie wants me to mention that this is HIS favorite strain for me to smoke (he can’t smoke) — He thinks I’m a lot more fun and interactive on this than most.

  5. teno

    “Going thru opiate withdrawal and this strain is working amazingly to help me sleep.”

  6. weritewr

    “this stuff is one of the best!! great taste! great smell! great looking!!id have to put this in my top ten forsure! high lasted for a long time.great spacey feeling. love it!! money well spent”

  7. sousi

    I have had Dutch Treat many times. I do have a higher tolerance, so if you are looking for that ‘buzz’ from DT, I didn’t see it. DT is great for anxiety. Large crowds no longer became a problem with DT. I was able to mingle comfortably as needed with large groups as well as stay focused on my task at hand. The taste is some earth and some sweet, however the sweet is hit and miss. It will allow you to relax and or handle multi-tasking, however, I was struggling when I did not have more than one task at hand while high on DT. It’s great for work, exercise even. I found myself doing yoga a lot on DT. If you are wanting to just ‘chill’ on the couch and watch TV, it may work for a short while, but you may get the need to get up and do something. No creativity involved in DT, but again, it will let you get a lot done. I did have quite a bit of dry mouth with this strain. I rarely get dry mouth on a normal basis, so to go from literally none to the Sahara Desert was a bit much for me. As long as I had something to drink at hand, it was perfectly fine. My eyes were much drier on DT than other strains before. Nothing good old Visine can’t fix.

  8. gredfer

    “Honestly, i got an lb of this last friday with an lb of green crack, and it is my favorite bud on the planet now. finished all that by wednesday lol. Dutch Treat is amazing.”

  9. drews

    “I’m so high. best strain.”

  10. crete

    “Piney “mids” smell until you break it up then it has a very nice sweet lemony scent…the buds itself are decent looking with lots of crystals and it breaks up well in a grinder. Good social strain, kept in high spirits and talkative. Was able to drive fine on it as it mellowed out towards the end. Would be ideal for light smokers.”

  11. riberm

    “Another solid high, good flavor and burn. AuricaAG grown, and 25% THC”

  12. dogou

    “Love the Dutch Treat, as long as it’s grown well, it’s a good indica hybrid with nice sativa tones. Try some today!”

  13. dorise

    There are two types of dutch treat running around the indica and the sativa dominant. You must find the sativa dominant dutch treat #5 it will blow your world apart. Was the most uplifting, Pain re-leaving, wonderful experience ever and I have been at it for a good while folks. If all the rating on here were from the #5 there is no doubt it would be all 10’s. Nothing can compare except this one strain called The Hog can’t find it around much but its the only thing of the same caliber.

  14. fally

    “Going thru opiate withdrawal and this strain is working amazingly to help me sleep.”

  15. liber

    “Duch treat is a good strain for energy and pain. Keep you going threw the day.”

  16. antonir

    “Amazing one hit wonder Just one toke had my eyes droppin with a cloudy feelin behind the eyes…felt extremely calm.”

  17. blinko

    Came highly recommended from a friend in the industry. It’s been awhile, but I remember it being a hit w/ my friends and I over the summer. As most have mentioned here, it’s s potent Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s maybe a bit too potent for my daytime preferences, in fact. I have anxiety, and find that strong Sativas like this one can actually make it worse. I prefer a more balanced hybrid like Cinex or Blue Dream. That said, if you’re really into Sativa, this is probably right up your alley…

  18. safera

    The two stars are all about appearances and smell. These flowers are extremely dense and covered in kief. Very fruity and almost eucalyptus-like smell. Crystals are glistening and perfectly cured. The smoke is smooth and tasty, but delivers a somewhat disappointing high. Its a probably a good smoke for beginners or those that want to get their feet wet, but for experiences smokers, the effects are dull. Not happy, not sad, not couch-locked or energetic…just blah.

  19. jubexer

    Very nice, quite a ride from this strain — a little goes a long way…

  20. kim

    “Dutch treat like you’ve never seen it before. Giant crystals make the buds shine. It’s a smooth smoke with a great sweet flavor. Dutch treat is a great strain and grow op farms has done an incredible job with it!”

  21. bloco

    “Going thru opiate withdrawal and this strain is working amazingly to help me sleep.”

  22. dimitri

    “I live with chronic pain and this is the absolute best strain for me! It’s a relaxing buzz but if you’re not into being on couch lock it’s also a great project high! LOVE it 👍👍👍👍”

  23. Juarez

    I got this as part of a promo event that my shop was doing with Raven Grass. I’m an big Indica guy, and usually late night to get to sleep. With that said – this strain was awesome for day time hanging out. This is the most uplifting, happy and clean high I’ve had. I was chatty but not over the top Chatty Cathy. No munchies at all. No anti-social or lazy/procrastination tendencies. I consumed this by both combustion and vaporizer. My preference was the vape. Which is typically the case. However, the nice clean non-Stoney high really complimented the uplifting effects of this strain/grow.

  24. lidovike

    After moving to Oregon, I made a list of all the famous strains I wanted to try. The Durban Poisons, Northern Lights, GSC. The stuff is out there, but in a felony possession state, you rarely know what you’re getting. Now that I was able to pick, I found myself on the Dutch Treat. It greeted me with the thick Hazelike terp profile, tacked onto a sweet, earthy backdrop. A fascinatingly distracting smoke, this is best for after the day is over. The effects pile on prominently and seem to come in waves. Clean, crisp body high. As you can tell by the long rambling review, I can see this one being good for creative endeavors too.

  25. fered

    This strain is pretty popular. It’s sold in almost every shop. This strain can go both ways. Some growers have indica leaning and some have sativa leaning Dutch Treat. And sometimes even so something will say indica leaning, your body might be more susceptible to the sativa side of the strain. So this strain is a confusing one. It’s typically not labelled as a 50/50 hybrid but that seems to be the experience I usually have with it. Overall, I’ve always enjoyed this strain no matter who or where it was produced from. 🙂

  26. tuner

    I’ve bought this strain twice from separate people almost a year apart, and I have to say it’s amazing stuff, has an easygoing vibe in general with a slight energy kick from the Sativa dominance in the strain. While it is a Sativa, it almost sort of feels like an Indica with its strange ability to wake you up and make you able to do things, while depriving you of any motivation to do them almost completely. Fantastic for games or TV at the end of a long day. Only drawback is the relatively short length of high for the amount you smoke, and that it doesn’t burn as well as most of the other bud i’ve smoked. I really want to give it an 8.5, but to be honest I’d probably round down rather than up on this one just because of those two things, but still gets a very solid 8/10 from yours truly.

  27. charlene

    “This strain is my perfect compatibility marijuana match. We are so good together. I adore the outdoorsy pine perfume and how one pea size hit can keep my symptoms in check. I found my strain match made in heaven at Moss Crossing dispensary in Eugene Oregon. I give it five stars because it makes me break out in song, singing ‘Oh my Dutch Treat you are so sweet, I always love you!’”

  28. bob

    No anxiety or paranoia, just total relaxation and feeling good. So what are you waiting for bro

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