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Strain Name: Durban Poison
Grade: High Grade, organic
Type: Pure Sativa, Landrace
Looks: Somewhat fluffy, large trichomes
Smell: Dank
Taste: Light/medium smoke
Effects: Very euphoric effect in the beginning. Started to wear off after a long time, still felt high 2 hours later. Didn’t leave me groggy after it wore off, and I actually felt very creative. Definitely a smoke a go kind of strain.

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29 reviews for Durban Poison

  1. LIL

    This strain can be bright green at times, but usually tends to lean towards having spots of dark green and having an overall sandy tint. Durban poison that I’ve got have always been very pointy, squishy with thin leaves and like others have mentioned, “burns well all the way”. DP 🙂 I can remember this strain and all like it. The SOUR, this SKUNKY, PUNGENT, CITRUSY, open the bottle and your eyes wanna roll back, its my favorite kind of bud. IMO there is ‘two’ main categories of herb; Sativa-‘Citrus/sour’ and Indica-‘Fruit/berry’. Taste/smell is very opinionated and this is just my subjective opinion to help other find the right kind of herb that they are looking for because lets be honest. You go in some places and you don’t always know what you’re getting. And for me it took a long time before I realized I needed the SOUR SOUR CITRUS over the jelly. which isn’t bad either, I’ve found good hybrids that hold both well like dutch treat. P.s Some Indica have some SOUR SOUR SOUR SOU and it was Northern lights. Other than that IDK any other indica that had that kind of citrus flavor, taste and high..

  2. raissa

    Since first reading about it decades ago, Durban Poison has been my Holy Grail of Pot, promising a clear, transcendent high that was at the opposite end of the spectrum from the intense, drowsy stone offered by the indoor-grown indicas so prevalent in my area in the days before legalization. I’ll cut to the chase–I’ve had better cannabis, and better sativas. That said, I’m not at all disappointed with this strain. The flavor (vaped as finely-ground flower in my MFLB) is outstanding, sweet and peppery like raw parsnip. Head high is pronounced and “up”, as you’d expect. This is a two-edged sword, though, and here’s why: a potent sativa like Durban Poison can only ever be enjoyed to the fullest when you’ve got all your ducks in a row. When your mind is at ease and you can afford to mentally check out for a while, you are rewarded with blissful spirals of contemplation. However, if the cares of the world are stuck in the back of your mind–bills to pay, looming deadlines, trouble at home–these same spirals focus and magnify your worries, making for literal “high anxiety”. Body effects are relaxing to the point of fatigue and accompanied by insatiable thirst and dry mouth. But body effects aren’t why you’re interested in this strain, are they? Listen, on a warm summer afternoon when your shit’s all taken care of and you’ve got access to a hammock and a couple brews, Durban Poison should be your pick. No doubt about it. But if you can’t enjoy it in ideal conditions, maybe set it aside until you can.


    “I felt a real sense of calmness and clarity that made me want to pray and be thoughtful of where I was, music was even more powerful and moving. Great medicine. Recommend for users wanting creative and mindful relaxation.”

  4. jules

    Easily a new favorite. I have been wanting to try this unique strain for a while and finally got some from docmj420. The high is fast hitting and right between the eyes. Overall it is one of the most uplifting highs I have experienced. More so than Green Crack even, Would be perfect for going on a hike or bike ride. Very potent but not anxiety-inducing in the slightest. I highly recommend this as a a great day time strain.

  5. SEURE

    This was the first thing I smoked after two years of no cannabis. Bad Mistake! It might have been the fact I was dealing with a lot in my life at the time, or that my tolerance was absolutely nothing and I smoked a pure Sativa. Plus this was my first “name” strain I had ever smoked. I took one pull from a 6 in tube and held it in for a good 15 seconds and that was it. Over the course of 10 minutes it crept stronger and stronger over me. I could manage it but I kept thinking about and having borderline panic attacks about stuff I was dealing with. At moments I could be content, then like waves that would switch on I would have anxiety. The one hit high I had lasted me a good 6 hrs. Plus it made me not hungry in the least bit. I didn’t even want to eat dinner that night. A not very enjoyable way to reenter the cannabis world. On the positive side it did smell great it was a piney, aniseish, and skunky strong smell. The bud was very manicured, well cured and dense. So needless to say I am on the look out for an Indica or Hybrid to ease my way back. I will stay away from those pure sativas till I get my tolerance up. Not for beginners, absolutely not.

  6. cisse

    “What a wonderful strain. I wanted to try a pure sativa, and Durban Poison seemed like the prototype of a sativa. I was worried about getting anxiety initially, but that was the complete opposite of how I felt after a few minutes. It was like the first time you have coffee after quitting caffeine for a year. Energized, euphoric, creative, but not quite jittery. It’s a 5/5 strain.”

  7. KIEVE

    This strain puts me on my ass. Hits hard, not like a strong indica where you feel super weighed down, but quite the opposite feel super light and focused. Chores get done in no time, can be used for relaxation as well though I prefer for when I have something to do. Definitely behind the eyes, but very little body effects, slightly tingly. No couch lock even when consumed in larger quantities


    I felt a real sense of calmness and clarity that made me want to pray and be thoughtful of where I was, music was even more powerful and moving. Great medicine. Recommend for users wanting creative and mindful relaxation.”


    “I love this strain. I keeps me going through out the day. It makes me move and groove when I need to. No sluggish feeling or wanting to lay back and play video games. Plus it has positive side effects for libido.”

  10. JINE

    “For this to originate for South Africa and have the looks of a kush style grow, it’s a interesting flower to say the least. I kept smelling this and it just came up musty in smell. By choice I like indica but felt I needed a switch. I needed a fair amount to feel the effects but seems to have left me clear headed to face yet another rainy Portland day.”

  11. CATHY

    uplifting, great head feel, very little negative to report, very happy”

  12. bertidat

    I hadn’t been high in 100 days and this was the first strain I smoked. What a great choice. Although the cerebral high was strong, it was never overwhelming…actually rather enjoyable. It is 100% percent a mind experience. I was so energetic and any stress or rotten mood I may have had just disappeared. It was wonderful. Just do not smoke this if you plan on sleeping any time soon. It would be perfect for an outdoor adventure, especially hiking. I’ve been waiting a long time to try this strain and it was well worth the wait.

  13. LINARD

    “I am an occasional smoker. I tried Durban Poison with a Vaporizer and it felt really really good. The stone is not so strong but it feels really good, relaxing, happy and easy going. I think that The vaporize method really helped me to appreciate this strain.”

  14. ransom

    I must say that there something about this strain that really works for me personally. I myself have been weening myself off of anti depressants to treat OCD and Tourettes syndrome this strain has greatly reduced the side effects of withdrawals caused from the pills. On a side note this strain has greatly supported better sleep for me even though this is considered a sativa which promotes wakefulness this does the exact opposite which I thoroughly enjoy.

  15. lemar

    I grew this through 5 crops and if I would not of known better I would have thought it was 5 different strains. But no, If you dial this baby in you can produce giant buds that are bigger than footballs. My experience was it needed lime and really loved a mixed lighting of hps and led. Really massive plants. I was able to take 7 arm size buds, that were 12″ accross off of one plant. That was super cropping at its finest. That was harvesting early and it produced a very pretty clearish green/silver oil that was so smooth and tasty. This will be one of my favorites for pain.

  16. canson

    “Super pick me up in the morning. When you need an energizing boost. Nice head high with little to no drag what so ever. Ready for anything”

  17. elvis

    As a medical cannabis user for the past 6 months now, I can say without a doubt that DP is my go to strain when I need to get things done and when I want to feel great while doing those things. It suppresses my appetite so that’s a plus! Anxiety is wiped away and replaced with uplifting thought and positivity. Everything seems so much better while on Durban. I love going for walks through the city or parks while having my DP inside my Magneto wax pen. Even those long walks are not painful during or afterwards. Relieves my joint pain better than any prescription pill I’ve ever taken. I would highly recommend trying this strain if you have the chance.

  18. penny

    “Wow this strain is something it can be energetic if you want it to or relaxing if you want it to be that’s what I got from it it smells like minty basil probably one of the most interesting smelling strain that I’ve had and it has a nice berry not blueberry but just like a wild berry grape taste I definitely recommend this for pain and nausea I give this a 12 out of 10”

  19. wealker

    “I can’t believe this is my first encounter with this amazing strain. Dense and heavy, deep and penetrating DP’s high is steep and pleasurable. Highly potent and wicked enhancements for music and colors, this strain is an instant favorite

  20. andre

    Durban Poison enhances creative endeavers and motivates me to joyously clean my home with much attention to detail!, heady high so calming and pure is unexpectedly Focused…I would Not recommend DP when attending that dreaded family dinner however…whoops! Warning!..uncontrollable laughter alert! Zaps Pain and I’m on planet Zorkon!! Long lasting and smooth, DP keeps me calm while providing bursts of needed energy…Nice wake ‘n bake strain..Perfect Sativa daytime stone

  21. minko

    Better than the amazing Flower smoked last autumn! This African Beauty is my Sativa Dream… Flowing Creative Euphoric Magical Trippy Focused Kind Elevated Fun Exciting Positive Etherial Chi Energy!… An above average sativa for pain and stress relief, muscle relaxing and assists me with fatigue in vape concentrate form. Will buy again! 😍”

  22. BK.

    “Made me feel really happy, hopeful, and like I just wanted to go out and live life.”

  23. clton

    Perfection. It gives you energy, lots of feelings of well-being, I was very surprised because my body feels much better than with Indica strains. With Indicas, if I have a microscopic rock in my shoe it is going to be bothering me for a while, but with DP you just feel good generally. It also causes lots of giggles and keeps you completely clear-headed, you do forget some stuff though, but not when you’re speaking, your conversation is always rational. This strain also does not cause paranoia, like 0%, it’s the strain I’ve tried that causes the least and it’s a Sativa! It gives a rational amount of munchies and after many hours it slowly eases you down into feeling sleepy I smoked it at 9:30 pm and went out for the night, came back home at 2:30 am, smoked it the whole night and by the time I came back home it was already feeling tired and sleepy even though I had another toke of DP. Now it’s my favorite weed, it’s also quite gentle, I don’t see how you could smoke too much of it, it’s not overpowering, the feeling good effects last long but the euphoric giggles need many tokes during the night to keep it up.

  24. Queentan

    Dp is a strain that if you get a good one it will be awesome – otherwise it will be something to give to your drinking buddies. The reason is that Dp is a landrace and hard to get right. The one I got in Denver was perfect both in taste and potency. Durban is the only pot I know that after a few seconds of taking a hit, you won’t remember it. Its a must try and second only to White Widow in popularity. ns

  25. Miles

    “I can’t say enough good in regards to Durban poison. After a couple days. I found that during the day the uplifting & calming effects combined, make my day. Functional, clear minded, super happy. I suffer from crohns disease. My days are 100% more functional compared to b4. Thank you docmj420”

  26. susa

    To date, this is the clearest head-high I’ve found. As I struggle with ADHD, I take medication in the morning that keeps me focused during the day. The problem arises in the evenings / at night, if I have an assignment that still needs FULL attention. The medication’s effects are long-gone by then, so I’m now experimenting with a variety of Sativas in the evenings. Around 8:30pm, I took quite a few heavy inhales on my vaporizer, and, within a few minutes, I couldn’t wait to embark on my school paper – Something I’ve never said before! 🙂 I definitely felt a burst of energy and motivation. Lastly, it’s worth noting, I felt more confident in the actual writing itself; I didn’t find myself second-guessing my work nearly as much as usual. If you’re looking for a dose of motivation, look no further than this strain!

  27. tylor

    A unique, treasured strain that lives up to the hype. Doesn’t look amazing and taste is open to opinion, some love the taste whilst others hate it, myself I found it somewhere in between. Smell is also unique, kind of spicy, earthy like the taste. Effects are wonderful, mood increases after about 5-10mins and peaks after about 20mins gradually fading over the next hour or so to leave very little hangover. Best enjoyed with company and outdoors. I would recommend this to people suffering from depression in particular as the mellow head high is very enjoyable and clear allowing the person to go about their day with increased peace of mind. Pure genetics and thoroughly recommended. I’d give this strain a 9.5/10.

  28. jeak

    Durban Poison is considered one of the most pure sativas out there. A very energetic high Durban has a unique character to it’s buzz as well as its taste. This is a very motivational strain, great for the morning or daytime. Clear and happy one can still function on this strong sativa. That said, proceed with caution, this is a strong psychoactive sativa if you over do it you may feel jittery, agitated and very medicated. Durban Poison tastes like pine with hints of menthol, almost like medicine (or poison?). A highly recommended delicious strain Durban Poison is a great “get up and go” medication.

  29. tina

    Energized, focused high that feels, for lack of a better term, speedy. Thoughts come quickly, there’s a tendency to fidget and find yourself wanting to move around. This would be great for a day of cleaning / chores or even board games with friends. Other upside is the THCV in this strain – no munchies! It suppresses the appetite, which might be an issue for some people. Downside is the edginess. It’s not a happy, carefree high. It can cross over into anxiety and irritability. Definitely a strain whose experience is linked to your state of mind. Returning to and maintaining a positive mindset softens the edge. It feels like a strain made for buckling down and getting to work. It seems to break the cycle of overthinking but it puts you in the mindset of a workaholic parent who neglects their children. Or Gordon Ramsey, as my friend pointed out.

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