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Order Chernobyl online it’s a sativa dominant strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio.

Essentially, it is a cross between Trainwreck and Trinity, which is then pollinated with Jack the Ripper.

The strain is available in the form of medium to small tight buds, which  are green in color all the while being covered with trichomes with orange hairs.

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About chernobyl strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid –
Chernobyl is a sativa dominant strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio. Essentially, it is a cross between Trainwreck and Trinity, which is then pollinated with Jack the Ripper. The strain is available in the form of medium to small tight buds, which are green in color all the while being covered with trichomes with orange hairs. chernobyl strain

It has a potent smell to it with lime and citrus undertones making it a funky smelling strain, which is quite pleasing at the same time. As for the flavor, it is exquisite. It has a smooth deep taste that resembles its smell. You will get a nice citrus flavor during the inhale, but on the exhale, it has a dank taste to it. One of the best things about the strain is that its effects can last for over three hours.

You will experience euphoria all the while feeling extremely energetic. The high will wash away any anxiety or stress is highly recommended for day time use. Moreover, smoking the strain has also shown to increase appetite which is perfect for individuals suffering anorexia. However, the strain is also known to benefit patients with migraines or headaches.


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17 reviews for Chernobyl

  1. prosper

    If you planted a pine tree and it had super sap dank lemon sunshine inside, then you’d have Chernobyl (21.3% THC/3.38% CBD). Amazing taste, thick smoke that lingers in the air and makes the room smell awesome. Gorgeous and frosty bud. Sativas usually give me anxiety but this doesn’t. The best way to describe the feeling after smoking it is “whoa, I feel relieved”. All my stress and worry is gone but I can function totally fine and get things done. Makes me smile. Perfect for wake and bake. Also helps with nausea and gives me some much needed munchies. Overall this is one of the best strains I’ve ever had.

  2. gaston

    “Amazing strain, not at all stoney… two of its parents Jack the Ripper and Trainwreck, are on my faves list for giving an intense but clear headed high. Chernobyl will get you higher/ more stoned than either, without any anxiety or physically stimulating effects. I love a sativa that doesn’t make my pulse race, and Chernobyl is on that list. “

  3. yvette

    “Earlier I’d smoked a more indica-dominant strain and drank a Sculpin or two, so I was pretty relaxed. Took a couple hits of Chernobyl and I feel like I just woke up. I’m sure part of it’s the combo of everything, but I’ve tried it alone previously to the same effect. Great stuff. Gonna have to go back for more, capiche?”

  4. derlin

    Mood: Wednesday 3pm. I have some organizing to do, but not motivated i would rather lay in bed and watch mind numbing TV. Seeing as it’s only 3 pm right now I can’t go to sleep yet. After smoking: I bought this in Seattle Wa from puffin farms, it was EVFO Dab. Seriously amazing daytime strain when you want to do something but still chill. The energy creeps up like a little nudge, your mind has ideas and you feel extremely focused on what you are doing, exactly what’s happening now. No anxiety, no paranoia. I feel relaxed , I have the “mental energy” to organize, the physical jolt I needed and I’m hella focused. I would totally smoke this again. ENJOY!!!!

  5. jane

    “The zip of Chernobyl I got was entirely made up of crazy dense nugs. The bugs gave off a prominently citrus smell and, when ground, formed a fluffy and sticky pile. The high sneaks up quickly and provides a heady wired feeling perfect for getting up and active. Delicious weed all around”

  6. terituer

    I’ve had a few smokes with Chernobyl and it is quickly becoming one of my favorites. Like the amazing strain Green Crack, Chernobyl also suffers from an off-putting name. Don’t get hung up on the nomenclature, and give this a try. After smoking a few bowls of Chernobyl, I felt immense waves of positive energy and gratitude flood over me. I had mental clarity and insight to think through some heavy stuff that had been weighing me down. Depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD) were alleviated and I had energy to do my daily exercise and meditation. Even after my high wore off, the rest of my day was amazing. I felt balanced and harmonious with the earth and my fellow beings. Chernobyl will always be welcome in my stash.

  7. henry

    This strain fits me to the T! I would like to elaborate more on the strength rating I had given. I would give it a 10 if there was a rating for the duration of time one feels medicated. Chernobyl sets me up at an 8 and i’m at 8 for about 2-3 hours if the conditions are right. I have anxiety issues and Chernobyl helps me get to to a good place both physically and mentally, making what would be difficult and nerve racking tasks, painless and peaceful. While medicated, my brain feels like it has a shell of numbness around it and my eyes drop just a tad…not much but I feel it and the pressure is lifted from my temples and it is like stress and all worries are at peace with me. I can accomplish tasks of any nature or I can chill out and watch a movie because this strain is versatile and does not give me “stony” moments but rather great focus and mind expansion along with a long stroll of a body buzz that is never pushy but always there. Fantastic strain and I would recommend to any sativa/hybrid lover world wide!!!

  8. mathiaw

    I recently bought a vape concentrate of this strain. I have IBS among other stomach issues and was recommended this. The first night I smoked this, I went in thinking I needed to rip it like a bong. Woah was I wrong, I hit the vape pen 8 times and felt nothing for 5 minutes. As I started to get disappointed it hit me like someone threw a cement pillar at my face. I sat on the floor of my room rocking back and forth for 45 minutes. I was completely numb, feeling no pain anywhere in my body. The first night I did feel quite bloated but I was over high and ate a tad too much before smoking this. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to relieve pain and nausea.

  9. fred

    Every strain has the potential to be too much or too little for some. And calling some strains potent over on others only works in theory. Harvest and grow methods determine the potent level.”

  10. vetese

    “If you love a head trippy, energetic high you will love this.”

  11. nater

    “My hubby and I have been smoking Chernobyl lately and it’s just simply amazing! Highly recommend this strain if you wanna party or socialize. We talked in bed for over 2 hours about absolutely everything. No couch lock, takes you to creative escapes and opens your mind. I love watching space documentaries on this one! Really great strain! “

  12. dzouko

    “I got a 1oz of Chernobyl I’d describe it as the perfect hybrid strain for sometime who usually smokes sativas. I feel SO functional on this strain… it doesn’t knock me out or give me couch lock, but I feel enough of the indica effects to really help with my nausea and headaches. Really good everyday strain.”

  13. kulioer

    Emanates a strong, pungent, aromatic scent of lime – with a slight hint of cherry. It sharply affects your sense of smell as you inhale it’s green, provocative odor. This assault on your senses is just a foreshadowing of what is in store for you whether you smoke or vape this beautiful Sativa dominant hybrid. Large, bright, frosty green buds can not be mistaken- to be any other strain I have found so far. This unique fragrance sets my mouth watering when I get a whiff of it. – For me it had a penetrating power that was not only mentally stimulating – causing a burst of creativity but, – it works swiftly (almost immediately) on chronic severe pain. Bonus! This strain is very appealing for a variety of reasons – but I love the long lasting effects of the head/body high. Did not leave me feeling tired. This strain did not knock me out – although I would say the reaction I have when using this is an exceptional pain reliever. I have to say I can think of no NEGATIVE effects of this bud. I would strongly recommend this strain to those that are dealing with pain & need a break up from the monotony. It alleviates stress, depression & anxiety like a charm. I enjoy it immensely for the giggles it gives me too.

  14. detrict

    I’ve tried this strain a couple of times before. My current sample is the best I’ve had with a light green color mixed with light orange hairs and covered in trichromes. The buds are of loose density and are sticky with resin. Vaping produced a thick vapor but didn’t make me cough. The taste is pleasant and extremely unusual. There is a slight lime undertone but it’s not profound. The effect hit almost immediately with a uplifted, creative, energized feeling. This isn’t a pure sativa, though. I also feel a pleasant body numbing, that took care of my back pain. My nausea is gone, leaving me with a medium munchie factor. This strain doesn’t provide the same mental focus that many other sativas do for me, although it doesn’t reduce my focus either. I’d say the effects are close to 50/50, although leaning slightly to the indica side. This is a more active strain than a couch lock one. After about 60 minutes, the effects dissipate fairly quickly. Left me with a dry mouth and eyes. Overall, is a a good balanced strain to treat issues such as pain, anxiety, stress, nausea and poor appetite, without jitters or being glued to a soft horizontal surface. The overall effect is so unusual, that I can’t think of another strain to compare it to. Definitely worth the experience. -sy

  15. varonie

    “This is my all time favorite strain. As a dying person does, I happen to have alot of health issues and this is the best for all of them. I use this for anxiety, depression, nausea, paranoia, and lack of appetite. It helps tremendously for these things. It’s doesn’t help much with pain although it does do something there, but I haven’t found a strain better than this for anxiety.”

  16. jeffson

    “One of the prettiest buds I’ve ever seen (bc I love purple — and the hues were knock-out! This one gets my novice friends quite happy, but unfortunately the strain that I purchased doesn’t have the knockout I expected. Must say SAD and depression were alleviated, but not spinal-fusion pain. Will def give another try, but til then, it’s a 3-star boogie”

  17. milner

    “Amazing. Cures my anxiety and is one of the few strains I can be productive on without even thinking about it. Amazing bud structure and trichomes on this strain as well as an amazing scent and taste. A good mixture of sweet and citrus smell and taste. Leans significantly more sativa than indica. “

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