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Strain Name: Headband
Grade: A
Type: Hybrid
Looks: The buds were a darker green which turned me off but after taking a closer look under a magnifying glass the trichomes were enough to sell me. The hairs were a nice dark orangish-brown which sort of made the bud look very foresty as a whole.
Smell: The smell was kind of disappointing, the only reason this bud didn’t get the straight A. I could definitely smell the two kushes in the mix but I guess I was hoping for some more of the sour to pervade the smell. Oh well.
Taste: The taste was fantastic. The smoke expands in the lungs as much as any other strain I’ve tried. Had my face as red as my Redwings shirt, very red, and tasting pine trees every time I coughed again.
Effects: The effects are immediate. This was the first Headband that really lived up to its name. It felt like there was a four-inch band of the best feeling lava the would drip down the front of your face numbing it for a bit before it would recede again back into the forehead.
Potency: Extreme, definitely one strain that I can not expect to go in public and operate at even speech and motor efficiency, but I always find if you’re nice to people they don’t care how lit you are.buy headband online

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4 reviews for Headband

  1. Seuio

    Very happy high good for depression or nausea.”

  2. Riome

    Headband is good times all around my crown. One of my most beloved best. No bad stuff for me (anxiety, paranoia, ect). Probably one of the very best for depression (besides PR). This one has been a frequent go to anytime I need to see the world in a slightly different light.”

  3. Finere

    I’ve gotten some headband which I mistakened as lemon haze because of thr citriusy scent (& I’ve never had lemon haze before, but I was told it was lemon haze) & I’m starting to believe it was some headband because I’ve read reviews on lemon haze & the comparison to the weed I smoked which was actually headband makes sense. This gave me the chillest high & I genuinely mean that. You feel relaxed as if it were a dream. I smoked this on a hill with a few friends & it really made my day. I packed like 5 bowls & I didn’t get those overwhelming, extreme highs. If you prefer something more relaxed & keeps your mind & body at ease, smoke some headband!

  4. Curuio

    Very versatile strain. It really has two different highs to it; one is when it’s consumed in low doses, and one is when it is in high doses. The most recent batch of this at Montana Buds is around ~22% THC and ~0.1% CBD, and it has an extremely prominent lemon scent, with a hint of diesel. The flavor was surprisingly more lemony, and the thick smoke gives it a creamy aftertaste. Really outstanding flavor. Now when this strain is taken in lower doses it’s ideal for a morning/early afternoon smoke if you need to treat anxiety, depression, or appetite loss. Lower doses will make the high pleasant, but not overpowering. You’ll probably feel a slightly tingly cerebral sensation, along with a nice calming body effect. Keep in mind, this strain is very potent, so low doses means only 1-3 small hits (4-5 in a vape). With that you’ll still be able to be productive and get things done. Higher doses do indeed give you the headband sensation, just an extremely pleasant pressure all around the crown of your head. The indica side of this strain comes out in the higher doses as well, with a much more intense, melty body effect. Perfect for getting under a warm blanket and playing video games or watching tv, you’ll melt into your hed/couch. Great for insomnia as well as anxiety/depression when used at night time. Overall: A+ strain, very diverse in the treatments and effects it can be used for, with a phenomenal smell and flavor to boot.

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