Blackberry Kush

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Strain Name: Blackberry Kush
Grade: AAA+++
Type: Hybrid
Looks: Like a solid mass of Crystally nugget
Smell: Sweet smell of Berries with a sharp ting, absolutely Lovely
Taste: With a Full bong load going down smooth, after exhalation, it expands leaving you breathless in a good way. With a sweet taste lingering for a few minutes after partaking, this is truly a memorable smoke on my list
Effects: Strong and present in the head, good for mid-day or evening in heavier doses

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28 reviews for Blackberry Kush

  1. buois

    Blackberry Kush is what cannabis is supposed to be! I’m usually a Sativa afficianado, but I looked for a good strain (available in my area) that was good for pain – I’m having back pain and some spasms this week. Blackberry Kush was a delightful high. Slight leg tinglies, great sense of feeling okay, and sorta masked my back pain. YMMV. I will probably always have some of BK around. Not highly recommended for day time use, IMO.

  2. willan

    Blackberry Kush really helps my Tourette Sundrome. I rate it (5 Stars) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  3. henry

    “very relaxing and great for muscle pain”

  4. celite

    I tried Blackberry Kush, hoping it would help me with insomnia and some body stress from seizures. It was great for the insomnia. The smoke is a little harsh, even in a vaporizer, but not intolerable. The taste is Earthy and a little spicy (not at all fruity.) The effect began with just making me relaxed, not too lazy though, and then moved into a kind of dreamy relaxation slipping in and out of mildly euphoric day dreaming, and then a very satisfying sleep about two hours after the first hit. it did not make me super couch locked, but enough that I could sleep well. A friend vaped with me and enjoyed it as much as I did. Overall, this is a great strain, and useful for insomnia, mild pain relief and anxiety.

  5. uerte

    I tried Blackberry Kush, hoping it would help me with insomnia and some body stress from seizures. It was great for the insomnia. The smoke is a little harsh, even in a vaporizer, but not intolerable. The taste is Earthy and a little spicy (not at all fruity.) The effect began with just making me relaxed, not too lazy though, and then moved into a kind of dreamy relaxation slipping in and out of mildly euphoric day dreaming, and then a very satisfying sleep about two hours after the first hit. it did not make me super couch locked, but enough that I could sleep well. A friend vaped with me and enjoyed it as much as I did. Overall, this is a great strain, and useful for insomnia, mild pain relief and anxiety.

  6. micheal


  7. nalary

    “4/5 Cerebral High
    4/5 Body High
    2/5 Focus
    3/5 Functionality
    4/5 Taste
    5/5 Sleep Aid
    3/5 Social
    4.5/5 Munchies

  8. billy

    “Great for sleep. I get flashback nightmares/night terrors, and this either keeps them away or keeps me from remembering them when I wake up, and I sleep about 8 hours. Does dry out my nose, but totally worth it. “

  9. yon

    Fuck me, this strain will sure knock you on your ass real quick. A minute or two after I hit this my brain completely leaves my head and every ounce of stress in me melts away. I remarked to my partner, “I do not think I’ve ever been more relaxed in my life”. Shortly after the mental effects hit me it vanquishes pain and makes my body tingle for a couple minutes. Absolutely perfect for melting away anxiety, stress, pain, and muscle tension but good luck having any coherent thoughts or being productive on it. It’s strong stuff through, so as crazy as thing sounds the first time I had it I almost panicked about how relaxed I was. However, once I knew what I was in for that never happened again. It only sometimes makes me sleepy, but it will always give me couch lock. Also dries my eyes quite a bit more intensely than some other strains.

  10. geillaer

    Purchased from Dr. Jolly’s in Bend, OR. Tested at 22% THC and 2.5% CBD, I’ve got to say, this has become one of my favorites recently. It smells and tastes delicious (sort of a sour diesel smell with berry and pine in the background). The effects, for me, lean a little more to the dreamy/stony/sleepy side…but there was just enough of an uplifting stimulation to balance it out very well. I am someone who suffers from anxiety, and certain strains have caused some panic attacks in the past, but this stuff OBLITERATES my anxiety with NO paranoia to be found. Really euphoric, relaxing, and uplifting at the same time. Heavy cerebral bliss, amazing for anxiety without knocking me out, and good pain and tension-relieving effects as well (for my mild-moderate pains). This stuff rocks. It is an absolute classic and go-to in my rotation. And I’ve gotta give props the grower(s), they did a great job on this flower. Love everything about it. If you are sometimes prone to anxiety/paranoia and need to just relax and live in the moment, definitely try Blackberry Kush. Even if you aren’t, you’ll probably love it anyway.

  11. brona

    A very “kushy” kush. This strain is by far the most medical that I have used, having smoked and vaporized both the bud and the extracts thereof on many separate occasions. The bud tends to be pale in appearance, due to the thick coating of kief, even on outdoor grown samples. The effects come on slowly, and are overwhelmingly sleepy. The resultant state is a calm, happy, dreamy sedation, with an excellent painkilling factor. Blackberry Kush is the only strain that I have smoked that does not affect my hemorrhoid negatively in ANY way. There is no spike in blood pressure, or uncomfortable dilation of blood vessels that I experience from more sativa-dominant strains. It is truly medicinal.

  12. hassan

    “If you’re looking for a quick puff this is not the right strain. the reason being at first you think it will be quick little puff but then the tart and tangy flavors draw you in for a second take and before you know it…you’re best friends with a squirrel.”

  13. verte

    This stuff blew me away. In looks, smell and effects. Absolutely, the best stuff I smoked in 30+ yrs. Thank God for Medical Marijuana. Excellent for insomnia and pain. Effects felt almost immediately. Nice, relaxing head-high. Got a little absent-minded for a bit. I just love the looks of this. All crystally white and tight nuggets. A+ in my book.

  14. otto

    Ah, the local 7-11: never go here stoned, because you WILL end up in the candy aisle looking at all the sugary goodies, ‘specially if you have a head fulla Blackberry Kush. I’ve already snarffed a roll of Rollos, a Heath bar (or a Skor bar if you wanna be snooty about junk food), and some beef jerky. This is some bud that’s happy to let you get your eat on until you’re doing your worst Mr. Creosote impersonation. Wafer-thin mint? My ass! I just inhaled an entire box of After-8s and now I’m staring down some Jr. Mints. What else has Blackberry Kush got going for it besides enabling diabetes? Well, it smells like blackberry tea, the nugs are compact to the point where grinding is a chore, and the buzz is a bit of a rocket ship to a comfortable cruising altitude for about 1.5 hours of flight time off a single hit. The high is a little to the head and a little to the body: enough to get you in the mood for some Robot Chicken and relax your shoulders. At 19%, you’re not going to get a lot of theatrics off this weed — don’t expect low-earth orbit or docking maneuvers with your couch — but just like Southwest, it’ll get you where you’re going at a pretty low fare.

  15. gerald

    I 58, have Parkinson’s disease, and as such have severe pain and tremors at almost all hours of the day. Insomnia and pain management are what symptoms medical My go to strain is usually Tahoe OG, but my co-op stopped carrying it, so I got a eighth of Blackberry Kush on the recommendation of the owner. Didn’t really hit me right away, the buzz lasted about 20 minutes. The body feeling crept up though, and within seconds of that initial head high wearing off, I was hit with what is now my favorite numbing effect I’ve ever felt in a strain. The lower half of my body went completely numb, and it was nice that I didn’t fall asleep until everything had almost completely worn off, so I got to enjoy it and relax a bit before it made me fall asleep. Very good strain, it was cheap, don’t know why. I still like Tahoe the best, but this stuff did the trick.

  16. ritell

    Great medical strain, but will still get you stoned relatively quickly. This flavor immediately brought on a calm, and even provided a celestial ‘trip’ without the anxiety or paranoia. Imagine sitting in a beautiful yard overlooking a swamp, while roasting by a fire pit listening to Grateful Dead, hitting a bowl of this. It’s potent, relaxing, and at the same time thought provoking for the creative mind. One of my top five.

  17. sonia

    I just want to fill a swimming pool full of BlackBerry Kush and dive right into it! I am not exaggerating this has the be the best indica I have ever smoked. After two pipe bowls I immediately felt all my muscles and joints completely relax after a long 10 hour shift. Nothing compares to the smooth, ever so relaxing high this bud has to offer. Wonderful strain for those who suffer from muscle/joint pain, insomnia, and anxiety. I’m not giving this 5/5…no I’m giving it 10/10. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  18. sandra

    This is one of our favorite strains for evening after the kids go to bed. Husband and I enjoy it by a campfire and talk and laugh together. The effect of Blackberry Kush in the bedroom is super intense, making our time exquisite together will no inhibitions at all. Burn this with a loved one and enjoy!

  19. nerine

    Now this kind of bud here is why I started in the 1st place. Pain relief and a complete elimination of anxiety. It does a lot more than that but relieving the pain and anxiety so I can exercise & stick with my Drs plan has been a game changer for me. This one and ghost train haze at least for me demolishes the pain. And both put a Cheshire grin on my face. Happy, happy strains. My BP was the best it’s been in 4 years according to the dr & my A1C is finally back to normal. Without it I would not be able to do what I’m doing now, I’ve tried. Only solution I’ve found that really works to kill that pain & get me thinking positive again.

  20. tresor

    Loving this for Midnight tokin’ and Daytime smokin’!! A kind brain massage of kusshhhiness soo sweet and smooth has me purring in da couch! I received swift back/hip pain relief from a healthy “j” which lasted for several hours. Not my fav but then I’m a picky Longtime Ladyhead…Namaste!”

  21. viane

    I would have to say this probably one of the best Indica strains I have ever tried. It has a wonderful balance of a happy and uplifting mentality along with a very relaxing and pain-melting body stone. Crisp, dense buds with semi-dark green and dark purple coloring, along with a forest of beautiful trichomes. This strain literally smells like fresh blackberry jam, while the taste is like a mild kush with a hint of berries. The effects hit you fairly quickly, but you may not even realize it right away because the mental high is so subtle and uplifting. You will definitely realize it when your body starts to have a tingly and vibrating feeling to it. This bud makes me feel very content and blissful while my body is pain-free and relaxed with a whole body buzz, but make sure you don’t have shit to do because this strain can make you pretty sleepy, and you might end up sitting down for a while or taking a nap. All in all I have to say this particular strain is exactly what I had imagined a Blackberry Kush to be like; amazing high and very positive experience, definitely a favorite of mine!

  22. tellian

    “The kind of medication I am looking for is something that can balance treating my insomnia, anxiety, and pain all at the same time. How it looks and how it smokes comes secondary, but in this case, Blackberry Kush is the best of both worlds. Not only does it offer that perfect balance that I am looking for medically, but it looks, smells, and tastes better than any Cannabis I have ever experienced in twenty years.

  23. geller

    “On my 7 day with BBk….what a difference this one makes on my chronic leg pain and insomnia.
    I si
    I suffer with depression & anxiety and being pill free this one works. I can get through the entire day with no issues.
    The taste is amazing. Nice sweet taste & very smooth.”

  24. jalio

    An incredible indica dominant strain. Great for making you feel just wonderful and relaxed. Great for pain relief and sleep. Has a lovely taste, typical dank marijuana taste with a slight hint of sweet berry. Great strain to just settle down with.

  25. pouie

    “this strain is tasty! i got the cartridge and it’s so hard not to keep going back because of the taste. it leaves you feeling like you’re in a little fog but you are immediately relaxed. i have a lot of pain and nausea from the pain itself. this is one of the few that took my pain away fairly quick. “

  26. uikou

    Had never had this as a cartridge until last night. Haven’t been able to put it down since. It’s amazing. The flavor as well as the affects are amazing. If you need pain relief or help sleeping then I would definitely recommend this strain.

  27. xazile

    “I bought four pre rolled joints from the dispensary, was blown away. The aroma first was incredible, sweet and earthy, and the flavor was just as good. It came on a little slow at first but when the effects peaked it was a very relaxing and put me at ease. I was able to fall asleep almost immediately. Helped my anxiety and insomnia, was also a very euphoric high, very happy and content. Would definitely get again.”

  28. bosco

    Had some Blackberry Kush this morning around 8 am, an hour and a half after I woke up. I had some stomach pains and I didn’t want to eat this morning (as usual), but I need to because I do intense workouts every morning and my body needs fuel. Usually, I have to force a protein bar or something down my throat and it takes forever because I just hate eating sometimes. This morning, I had absolutely no problems with lack of appetite or pain after smoking. In combination with my Vyvanse that I take on a regular basis for my ADD, I was super energetic and motivated to do everything I need to today and I’m still feeling effects. I have had really great experiences with Blackberry Kush so far. Definitely a favorite.

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