Alien Dawg


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Strain Name: Alien Dawg
Grade: A
Type: Indica
Smell: a faint diesely smell.
Taste: almost non existant,slightly earthy.
Effects: hits you like abrick to the head yet still a functional very productive any time of day smoke.
Potency: 9/10

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11 reviews for Alien Dawg

  1. brice

    Why is this strain called Alien Dawg? Because it makes you feel like an alien, dawg. You just passed your spaceship driver’s test, and mom and pop alien are finally letting you take the spaceship out on your own for the first time. The galaxy is yours. This is what freedom feels like. You can go anywhere you want now! “Don’t go to the Dabula Quadrant, it’s too intense for the ship.” “Yes, ma.” You can go ALMOST anywhere you want now! Zzvvrroooom! And you’re off! It’s so smooth. As the ship breaks through the planet’s atmosphere, you straighten it out and soar through the emptiness known as space. Your head gently rests on the seat as you fly past planets in your solar system You watch the stars and colorful nebulas from your peripherals as they glide past in the distance. It’s peaceful. Tranquil. There is so much that exists in the universe. So many corners still unchecked. What is the purpose behind this vastness? PEW PEW! Oh no! Space pirates just shot at you! You put the ship in full gear. Your head slightly presses against the headrest. Your body pulled into the seat as the ship moves faster and faster. PEW PEW! They’re getting closer! You curve around planet Kushiter. You have to jump to hyperspeed or you won’t make it! PEW PEW PEW! You have to do it now! You focus in. Switch on the capacitor. Start the flux generator. Engage the voltron power cell. Steady the galactic tracer. Power the supersonic blastoid resurger. And… PUSH THE BUTTON! *flash* In hyperspeed, the force from it presses your head very firmly against the headrest, and your body starts to tingle. Your face and eyelids get heavy. You begin losing focus and start drifting. Then, CRASH! You crash the ship into your house. You’re flung from it face first into your pillow, where you are overtaken by the reminiscent tingly body sensation and mental drifting. Sleep young alien.
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  2. gilere

    this is one of my faves. I’m sensitive to weed, so just one or two hits does the job. cool thing is if you don’t smoke a shit load at once, it’s a beautiful feeling, then you feel it wearing off a bit and just have a few more hits, it’s not overwhelming that way. I have epilepsy and it helps my nerves relax, helps my depression tremendously. doesn’t make me anxious or trip either, it’s a calm euphoria. not the prettiest bud, but that doesn’t matter to me. helps me focus, I can spiritual and philosophical, but also laugh at shit all night. It’s an all perfect high I think. no munchies really either.

  3. mikes

    I have been a heavy bud smoker for years. I have tried every strain that comes my way with promises of strength. Sour diesels , kushes and OG were my go to until one night I got my hands on alien chemdawg. I tried a small amount in my vaporizer and it turned me inside out. I laid on the floor and could not move or function for an hour. My dog was very upset, and confused thinking I was in trouble. I was just in heaven. This is the strongest bud on the market with the most affects. This will devastate even the most seasoned smokers. Try a bit to start or you will end up forgetting to go to work and putting your garbage bags in the kitchen sink instead of in the dumpster like me. Fly high my friends .

  4. bimere

    “Alien Dawg is one of my favourite strains. Alien Dawg is especially great for stress relief, and while it presents a heavy, yet relaxing body-high, it also brings forth euphoric moments and eases muscle/joint pain. After 1~2 Hours in, I felt significantly more relaxed and was ready for some sleep or felt like taking it easy in a comfortable area. “

  5. nikert

    “• great evening smoke
    • smooth, clean burn & taste
    • relaxing yet productive high

    *Don’t forget: everybody has a different pallet and preference. These are strictly my simple opinions. Please smoke and review for yourself. Happy medicating. “

  6. cumere

    “good body high… doesn’t really make me tired until the initial high where’s off. other than that good smooth tasting herb”

  7. boils

    “This is some ultra kill… Put me to bed”

  8. xavier

    “Relaxing but not mind numbing. “

  9. vadire

    “Love it”

  10. bihre

    TLDR: acidic, strong visual high with overwhelming body relaxation and warmth, might knock you out for awhile so use carefully first time. Got this at OCS Tested at 13% THC but I’m s weekly user so strong enough for me. Vaped 0.15g at 162C, sour astringent like whiffing battery acid which wasn’t great, but managed 12 inhales. Had vaped 8mg CBD 3 hours before so it might have modified some effects. Started hitting in 25 minutes and built quickly to massive high, flat on back with crazy electric edged moving visuals, dizzy and definitely clumsy at times. Soon joined by tingling warm body effects but these were too distracting for sex and mindless munchies too easy. . High lasted over 3 hours then faded to drifting mind and warm heavy body. Even indicas never put me to sleep though, but the drifting was pleasant enough not to care, unlike wired sleeplessness that sativas put me into for much of the night. However by 6 hours was sleeping though with intense dreams that woke me every hour or two. Indicas often give me foggy hangover next morning but this one seemed not to.

  11. vanessa

    “Amazing! very powerful, you don’t need to smoke a lot to get fucked. And if you do you’re super fucked.”

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