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22 reviews for Afgoo Lavender

  1. kevin

    “hi, its a very good strain to smoke and just chill”

  2. urine

    “This strain produces a nice, clean and clear-headed high suitable for daytime use. It feels very “thinky” and gets your brain really moving. Good for creative endeavors and conversation, but not good for nighttime use or for those who tend to get a bit paranoid or anxiety-ridden.

    Not recommended for nighttime use (unless you want to stay up), as it promotes insomnia, a racing mind and a light, shallow sleep.

  3. fiuer

    “Awesome strains good smell”

  4. drieu

    “this was some of the best weed iv ever messed wit”

  5. cvraiu

    “Good stuff. Really gets you relaxed.”

  6. manere

    “Mood enhancing euphoric bliss! Stoned yet focused, I love creating while snowcapped. Also mellow enough for meditating, cloud watching or reading. Sativa social, indica ideal. Alert elevated awareness, happy heart, peaced out pain free body. Suits this picky smoker toker lady just fine…..”

  7. cheiw

    “One of my favorite stains! Just 2 hits is all I need to get the best effects from this weed! Motivation, motivation, motivation! I use this strain when I have a lot of physical work to complete.
    Additionally, this weed is my best outdoor strain. Being outside is just awesome! I really enjoy the outdoors on snowcap.
    P.S. Great flavor smoke too!
    1* Body, 3* Mind, 4.5* Potency (Out of 5*)”

  8. berlidan

    “hits you like a ton of bricks, i didnt even hit it but three times and completely forgot what i was doing, then ate two boxes of cereal”

  9. dinalie

    “Smoked 1 joint with my BF when we visited CA, really nice feel.. at that time I had a major headache.. or may I say hangover.. 3 hits and the hangover was gone and I was in Wonderland. This made me so joyful, so carefree, so uplifted. Was hard to explain the high I got from this, I guess was sort of like a religious high when people see the light. Also the high lasted a long time. I don’t smoke pot daily, about 3 ti…”

  10. bona

    “Great taste and a strong psychedelic sensory expansion. Lines and shapes become less definite while sound and sensation grow to fill your awareness. Left me transfixed by experience for hours and ended in a strong relaxation followed by a good night’s sleep. If you see it in your dispensary pick this shit up and plan your evening accordingly. “

  11. vivian

    “This is awesome weed. Hit me like a brick in a few minutes after a 0.7g J
    Didn’t feel any pain, or anything else haha
    Take in mind that i smoke a lot, but this one j fuck me up so hard. High was about4-5 h long.
    Couch lock and play playstation then eat a bunch of food and sleept for 2h.

  12. dinalie

    “Love this strain”

  13. bikie

    “Did not enjoy the high very much. Too many racing thoughts for my liking. Also, i smoked a bit more than i should have the first time i tried it and had a panic attack. Crazy munchies. Energetic high, though a little on the paranoid side. “

  14. blakie

    “Nice, relaxing high, my head was fairly clear 🙂 Definitely would recommend to anyone who wants to relax. Also I think you could work after smoking a little bit, but not too much”

  15. gloure


  16. blome

    When I first got this strain, I wasn’t thrilled with how the buds looked (brown and scraggly), so wasn’t expecting much. But it actually proved to be more than decent. After grinding it’s clear it’s pretty dense. The indica effects can be very sleep inducing, but has a very strong body and mind high when hit right, feeling more than a midrange most times, though the strong effects seem to last around an hour. Would get again.

  17. bertha

    “hits you like a ton of bricks, i didnt even hit it but three times and completely forgot what i was doing, then ate two boxes of cereal”

  18. vclaire

    “love Afgoo Lavender”

  19. conrac

    “If you smoke this make sure your schedule is free for the day”

  20. ricadou

    “One second please ? Strong mango taste upon exhale. Smooth after two tokes. I am a cancer patient who has to use the bathroom frequently. To throw up unfortunately. Anyway its the best tasting strain I have had in a very long time. Three tokes into this bowl and im not getting that roasted over taste. Wonderful high. High THC and nice CBD count. A very good equivelent for those hight THC count, recreational shoppers…”

  21. vgrie

    “verry goood !!!”

  22. kasouy

    “I’ve purchased this strain many times and I am never disappointed. It puts you in the best mood imaginable. You feel glad to be alive. A couple of hits and you are smiling. Energy, focus…..and fun!”

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